• Hey! I'm Charly

    Currently working as a Production Assistant for Cartoon Saloon.
    Aspiring Production Coordinator and Producer.
    2019 Graduate in Bachelor of Character Animation at The Animation Workshop.

  • Work Experience

    Projects I've been a part of:


    2D Feature Film, Cartoon Saloon, 2018-2019

    Production Assistant


    Graduation Film, The Animation Workshop, 2017-2018

    Production Manager (main role), Storyboard Artist, Story Development (3D project, team of 13 people)

    Ur Aska

    Graduation Film, The Animation Workshop, 2017-2018

    Assistant Production Manager (2D project, team of 10 people)

    The Messenger

    Graduation Film, The National Danish Film School of Copenhagen & The Animation Workshop, 2017-2018

    Animator (ToonBoom)

    Within, Without

    Graduation film, The Animation Workshop, 2017

    2D Clean-up Artist

    Fin City

    Commercial for Plastic Change, The Animation Workshop, 2017

    Production Manager, Storyboard Artist, Animator (3D project, team of 9 people)

    The Shepherd

    Graduation film, The Animation Workshop, 2015

    2D Clean-up Artist


    School project, The Animation Workshop, 2015

    Production Assistant, Animator (2D Project, team of 7 people)

    Emil och Ida i Lönneberga

    2D Feature Film, Pennfilm Studio, 2013

    Animation Assistant - Indebetweening, Clean-Up (paper), Coloring (digital)

  • Softwares

    • Shotgun
    • Spreadsheets & Docs (Google, Microsoft Excel) 
    • Word
    • TVPaint
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Premiere
    • ToonBoom
    • Autodesk Maya


    • Swedish (native)
    • English (fluent)
    • Danish (fluent)


    • Bachelor in Character Animation Graduated January 2019
      The Animation Workshop, VIA University - Viborg, Denmark
    • The Drawing Academy 2014
      One semester course in classical drawing. 
      The Animation Workshop - Viborg, Denmark
    • Animationslinjen 2011-2013
      Folk High School Education in 2D animation.
      Sörängens Folkhögskola - Nässjö, Sweden
    • "Theater and Social Justice" 2011
      One semester course in theater acting.
      Malmö University - Malmö, Sweden
    • Gender Studies 2010 
      One semester course.
      Lund University - Lund, Sweden
    • Social Science - Psychology/Behavioral Science Major 2007-2010
      Secondary Education (High School).
      Österportskolan - Ystad, Sweden
  • Animation Reel

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